Upcoming Exhibition:


Bartram’s Boxes Remix
May 2 – July 19, 2014

 Three years in the making, Bartram’s Boxes Remix is a collaborative project between the Center and Bartram’s Garden, Philadelphia (home of famed 18th  century explorer and botanist John Bartram). In the spirit of John Bartram’s    desire to share his passion for trees and other plants,  Bartram’s Boxes  Remix brings together artists who created works in wood and other materials from Bartram’s Garden. Artists were able to select from 13 types of wood from the Garden which fell during a wind storm over 3 years ago.

Bartram Boxes Remix continues a “Challenge” series initiated by the Center in 1987, which has provided emerging and established international artists with a dynamic forum for advancing new work. 

Past Exhibitions:


David Stephens: Auguries of Idolatry
Feb 7 – Apr 18, 2014

Nationally recognized sculptor David Stephens lost his vision as an adult practicing artist over a period of years. During that time, he planned projects that include the four wall-mounted and freestanding installations he is currently completing for his solo show at The Center for Art in Wood. View the Exhibition online

Roy Superior:
Patent Models For a Good Life

Feb 7 – Apr 19, 2014

The Center for Art in Wood will host a visual biography of painter, sculptor, and wood worker Roy Superior, featuring his functional furniture, pen and ink drawings, and patent models of imaginary machines. View the Exhibition online



Center News:


The Center will be participating in the next Night Market!
Join us as we team up with The Clay Studio for live demonstrations of wood turning and a wheel throwing competition!  Presented by The Food Trust, “Night Market Philadelphia is the city’s premier street food festival, a roving food event spotlighting Philly’s best ethnic and regional restaurants and food trucks. Inspired by Asia’s lively outdoor markets, these events celebrate up-and-coming neighborhoods and showcase Philadelphia’s diverse food and drinks and vibrant arts and culture scene.” We are thrilled to be apart of the Arts & Culture section of this event.

We will be open late on May 15th, until 9:00pm, with the live demonstations ending at 8:00pm.

We are happy to  announce some exciting upcoming events
Our upcoming exhibition, Bartram’s Boxes Remix will open on May 2nd, 2014. Come out and celebrate opening weekend with us, join us for dinner with the artists, or for a boat tour to Bartram’s Garden to visit the site that inspired the exhibition pieces!

The Center is happy to share the new Old City Highlights video created by Old City District. Showcasing the large variety of great businesses, attractions & activities in our neighborhood that take place every day! Watch the video.