Artmobile, Bucks County Community College’s traveling throughout Bucks County 

Tree to Form | September 2011–June 2013

A exhibition and educational program developed by Artmobile, Bucks county Community College and The Center for Art in Wood.

The Center has embarked on an exciting collaboration – an exhibition called “Tree to Form” developed with Artmobile, Bucks County Community College’s traveling art museum for all ages. The exhibition draws heavily, but not exclusively, on The Center’s permanent collection and features 30 objects made by local, regional and international artists. It highlights the nature of wood – the distinctive qualities of different species and where they originate, examines woodworking techniques such as turning, carving, burning and painting, and explores the dialog between the artist and the unique “living” material with which he/she works.

Artmobile will tour “Tree to Form” as it travels throughout Bucks County from September 2011 to June 2013, visiting all 13 school districts and several public sites. More than 90% of the 40,000 visitors to “Tree to Form” will be students, kindergarten to 12th grade. At schools, each class is met by a professional Artmobile Educator who leads the group through guided discussions geared to their grade level that encourage students to develop critical thinking skills and an appreciation for works of art.  Interactive displays developed as part of the exhibition promote independent exploration by students and reinforce the concepts presented.  Multi-disciplinary educational materials that directly correlate with the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Standard Aligned System are provided for teachers on the Artmobile website enabling them to easily incorporate the exhibition into all areas of their curricula. A section of the site was developed for especially for students, to extend their museum experience through online learning and games. These materials will be a permanent part of Artmobile’s website, will link to The Center’s site and will continue to be a learning resource for teachers and students for many years to come.

Artmobile has brought innovative and affordable exhibitions and art programming to the school children of Bucks County since 1976. Subsidized visits are available for schools in need. Artmobile is accessible to individuals with mobility constraints.

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Find out more information about the ArtMobile and the Center’s collaboration:  ArtMobile Info

The Center for Art in Wood in collaboration with the Bucks County Community College loaned art from the Center’s Museum collection for Artmobile, traveling through Bucks County from September 2011 – June 2013.

Find out more about the program and see the works on loan on our website here: Online Gallery