Upcoming Exhibitions

 allTURNatives: Form + Spirit 2015
Aug 7 – Sept 26, 2015


Celebrating the Center’s 20th year hosting the Windgate ITE International Residency program, the resident fellows worked together for two months in Philadelphia to collaborate and focus on new directions in their work, which culminates in the allTURNatives: Form + Spirit 2015 exhibition in the Center’s Gerry Lenfest Gallery. This multidisciplinary exhibition will reflect each resident fellow’s experience including objects produced before and during the residency. Three dimensional work will be accompanied by photos, video, and other documentation depicting the summer experience. Follow the Windgate
ITE blog at https://internationalturningexchange.wordpress.com/2015/

Julia Harrison, Artist (WA, USA); Rex Kalehoff, Artist (NY, USA); Zina Manesa-Burloiu, Artist (Romania); Adrien Segal, Artist (CA, USA); Grant Vaughan, Artist (NSW, Australia); Seth C. Bruggeman, Scholar (PA, USA); Winifred Helton-Harmon, Photojournalist (PA, USA)

Julia Harrison, Artist

 Julia Harrison is an artist, educator, and anthropologist based inSeattle,Washington. She works with wood on a small scale to create intimate, detailed, and often wearable objects. Her pieces have appeared in exhibitions across theUSand inEnglandat venues including theRacineArtsMuseumand theWhartonEsherickMuseum.

 Rex Kalehoff, Artist

 Rex Kalehoff is a wood sculptor and educator inNew York City, practicing and sharing the traditions of fine woodworking and wood furniture design. As Studio Manager and Lead Instructor at Makeville Studio, NYC’s only woodworking shop open for public use and learning, Rex teaches and mentors people from around the world. His background includes a BFA in Sculpture from UARTS, an MFA in Woodworking from RIT, numerous residencies and exhibitions nationally and internationally, includingAustralia,Thailand,New Zealand, andKorea, and extensive teaching experience to all ages, levels, and backgrounds. Rex’s playful sculptural works, inspired by personal fantasies and experiences as a modern day explorer, present notions of culture and history, and portray universal ideals and a harmonious relationship with the earth.

 Zina Manesa-Burloiu, Artist

Zina Manesa-Burloiu is a traditional Romanian wood carver.  Her work reflects the deep respect she holds for her culture and the wood traditions of the great masters from whom she learned to carve. Her life`s experience has led down many cultural paths and this has inspired new work that both reflects and transforms her Romanian traditions.

Adrien Segal, Artist

Adrien Segal is an artist with a degree in furniture design and woodworking fromCaliforniaCollegeof the Arts. Her work integrates scientific research, data visualization, aesthetic interpretation, and materiality as a means to reconcile scientific conventions of reason with an intuitive sensory experience. Adrien’s past Residency experience includes the Oregon College of Art and Craft, theBunnellArtCenterin Homer, AK, and most recently at Autodesk inSan Francisco. In addition to teaching, she pursues a creative practice out of her studio on the former Naval Base inAlameda,CA.

 Grant Vaughan, Artist

 Grant Vaughan is a wood carver who works and teaches from his studio inRock Valley,New South Wales,Australia.  After studying architecture he spent many years as a furniture designer / maker and his portfolio includes display cabinets for the new Australian Parliament House. More recently he has focussed on organically inspired carved forms. His work has been exhibited widely withinAustraliaand internationally.

 Seth C. Bruggeman, Scholar

Seth C. Bruggeman is an Associate Professor of History at TempleUniversitywhere he directs the Center for Public History. A graduate of the College of William & Mary’s PhD program in American Studies, Bruggeman studies the role of memory in public life, and particularly how American have used objects—in museums, historic sites, and other commemorative spaces—to exert control over how we understand the past. Recent projects include, Born in the USA: Birth and Commemoration in American Public Memory (University of Massachusetts Press, 2012); “Reforming the Carceral Past: Eastern State Penitentiary and the Challenge of Twenty-First-Century Prison Museums,” in Radical History Review (Spring 2012); and a book in progress concerning the history of American maritime museums.

Winifred Helton-Harmon, Photojournalist

 Winifred Helton-Harmon is an exhibiting and published photographer living inBethlehem,PA.She garners her inspiration from the natural world and the interaction of humans within it. She has photographed for politicians, newspapers, image banks, and many artists recording not only the moment at hand but the inspiration present in her subjects as well. Her photographs are apart of corporate, educational and private collections throughout theUnited States.